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Youth Devotionals

Our Family Minister presents uplifting devotionals centered around God and His word. We hope you and the entire family will gather together to watch and discuss your walk with God. Invite others and make it a time of fellowship with each other and God. Enjoy and God bless.

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Our sermon time allows us to take a healthy feeding from the word of God and to drink from the life-giving water provided in the Holy Bible. In these moments, we connect with God, hear His word, and are motivated to faithfully apply it in every aspect of our lives.

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Bible Classes

Bible classes provide rich opportunities to engage with the text. Whether we are studying a particular topical theme or digging into an entire book of the Bible, our classes are fresh opportunities to listen to God. By humbly applying these truths, we allow God to direct our lives.

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Silly Stuff

“A time to cry and a time to laugh”
(Ecclesiastes 3:4 )