Georgia School of Theology

The Georgia School of Theology (GST) operates as a non-profit educational institution in association with the Georgia School of Preaching and Biblical Studies (GSOP) and the churches of Christ. GST provides college-level Bible and leadership instruction to train preachers, teachers, and leaders to faithfully-serve in the Lord’s church. GST is not the church and does not speak for the church in matters of faith, doctrine, and practice.

The mission of GST includes:

  1. Thoroughly prepare sound preachers, teachers, and leaders to meet the needs and challenges of the local church in Georgia and the Southeastern United States. GST teaches the skills needed to biblically-lead from the pulpit, in the classroom, and the home. Students will receive comprehensive instruction in the books of the Bible; its history; languages; public speaking; writing; teaching; counseling; and pastoral skills.
  2. Defend the Bible as God’s verbal, plenary inspired word against false teaching. Our instructors steadfastly affirm and teach the authority and inspiration of God’s word.
  3. Provide leadership training and support for the churches of Christ in GA and the Southeastern United States to meet the biblically mandated leadership expectations.
  4. Assist sound congregations with church planting to grow Christ’s Kingdom in GA and the Southeastern United States.

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