COVID-19 Guidelines


The recent Delta variant for COVID has affected many in our area, including some in our membership. Currently, at least fours sisters in our assemble have contracted this virus. We ask for your prayers for them and everyone dealing with this virus. To ensure we do not become a source for the spread of the virus, we are asking all our members and guest to attend our services virtually, online, for the next two weeks (through 5 Sept). On Sunday, we'll stream the 9AM Adult Bible Class, 10AM Worship, & 5PM Worship. Our Wednesday 6:30 PM Bible class will also be streamed. Additionally, we are cancelling all scheduled social gatherings, including the Family & Neighborhood Day and the Fish Fry. The GSOP Tuesday night class will meet on Zoom. The GST daily classes will continue to meet with social distancing. We hope that this necessity is short lived and we can resume physically assembling together after 5 Sept. Please reach out to those you know who might need help and continue to pray for all our members. Recent issues with our streaming capabilities have been fixed.
God bless, Elders.


We continue to monitor the changing COVID-19 situation and evaluate the needs of our WRCOC assembly. Currently, more people have the option to be vaccinated, the number of confirmed cases continues to fall, and much of our community has opened its doors for business. While there are still concerns for our most vulnerable members, it is apparent that many of our brethren are ready to assembly in a less restrictive manner. After discussing the various options, the least restrictive and most protective option has been selected. Beginning 27 June, seating in the auditorium will be fully open with masks optional while the fellowship room will continue to practice social distancing with masks mandatory. The fellowship room with mandatory masks will also be available during the Sunday and Wednesday adult Bible classes. We ask for your continued prayers regarding this matter and want all to be respectful of everyone’s personal choices.